Toyota Innova

Here is my review about the Innova from Indonesia. I have it for just over a year.

Pros about the Innova:
This SUV/MPV is spacious for it’s size. The exterior looks are ok only. The front is OK, but the back is kind of a let down. The interior however is superb! NVH is good, engine is powerful enough for long journey. If the road condition is smooth and no potholes or big dips in the road, the handling is OK.

Toyota Innova

THe material used for interior is high quality plastic. no rattling or whatsoever until now. In Indonesia Toyota has a good resale value. The kijang is proven to be the best resale value due to demand in the market.

The braking power is superb, audio system is satisfactory. The air conditioning is powerful for a car with its big interior size and is cold enough. Steering is not too light. Spare parts are cheap and there are many accessories available for it. That’s natural since there are many Innova’s around. Seats are comfortable and seating arrangement is also good. Other plus points is its easy and fairly cheap to maintain.

The bad points however is the Innova can be quite bumpy. Reducing the tyre pressure helps a bit. The fuel consumption is not that good. For town driving, expect around 8km/litre. The clutch is a little too sensitive for my liking. You must use it gently, otherwise the car will have slight shock when changing gear.

Relative to the size, the Innova, weighs only 1500kg when empty. The suspension is tune to carry some weight and can feel floaty when empty. Cornering the Innova takes a bit of getting used to. Like many high SUV/MPV, it tends to wallows a bit but that is expected and needs getting used to. Interior can easily gets dirty due to light colours used but can be cleaned easily. Driving below 2000 rpm, the car not so responsive. Finally, the exhaust’s sound is quite loud.

Innova Specs

Engine: 1,998CC, Four cylinder, double overhead camshaft, VVT-i
Maximum power: 100kW at 5,600rpm
Maximum torque: 182Nm at 4,000rpm
Transmission: 4-speed automatic with ECT

Suspension: Double wishbone with coil springs and stabiliser (front),
four-link with coil springs and lateral rod (rear)
Steering system: Speed sensing power assisted rack and pinion steering
Brakes: Ventilated discs (front)/ drums (rear)

Tyres: 205/65 R15
Length: 4,555mm
Width: 1,770mm
Height: 1,755mm
Ground clearance: 200mm
Kerb weight: 1,545kg

Fuel Consumtion in real world
Toyota Innova 2.0 (M) City= 8 to 10KM/L, HighWay=12km/L (average100km/h)

The Innova was designed to clear floods.

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7 Responses to Toyota Innova

  1. Ed says:

    I’m using manual innova too. The best shift point is around
    2-3k rpm. Anything below 2k is unhealthy and jerky. Above 3k-4k, the engine can be felt noisier. Usually I mantain a normal 2.5k before changing gears. But i think 4 best fc, it is better to stick around 2-3k.

  2. gerry ibarrientos says:

    Im using an A/T 2005 innova. I have no comments on the performance,comfort etc. but I was disappointed to experience a gas tank leakage one morning!! After inspection, I found out that the gas tank has a dent and a very small leak. I do admit that I ran off a not so big stone on the highway with a speed of around 80Kph. Of course this will not happen should I not ran on the stone, but what I am quite disappointed is that it LOOKS LIKE the METAL is not THAT THICK ENOUGH!!? to withstand adverse situation.I might be wrong but the dent cant lie..Also the gas tank takes a large area on risk..(e.g. it would be better to have a tall rectangular tank than a large rectangular tray pan.) Can Toyota give me further explanation?

  3. srikanth says:

    i would like to know where can i find the body and engine spare parts of innova at the best price

  4. appu says:

    just inform me of the latest photos of toyota innova

  5. Mike TheMekanic says:

    Where do you stay SriKanth

  6. ong says:

    Well, after buying the innova, with not regret very comfortable, and the petrol consumption was very reasonable…1km need about 0.22 cent as the car was big….air con very cool..engine very powerful

  7. meinard says:

    as i check the internet, there seems to be a common and wide problem of INNOVA gas tank leaks caused by negative pressure – in the form of inward dents/small leaks. As observed by the one, the tanks seems to be thin that it collapses due to negative pressure.

    Toyota should be correcting this and take the responsibility over this factory defect.

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