Nissan Grand Livina Review

Does the Nissan Grand Livina really “drives like a sedan and fits like a MPV” as the tagline says? Lets find out. Price wise, the Grand Livina smacks right into the Toyota Innova territory.

The Innova has been a hit in South East Asian countries with its large seating or carrying capacity. First launched as a workhorse vehicle to carry goods and people, it has grown up to semi luxury MPV level. Although it carries the new image well, Toyota did a good job, there is no hiding the fact of its genetics with ladder frame construction.

Grand Livina front

The Grand Livina on the other hand is a new comer to the 7 seater party. Looks wise, I think Nissan need some more work done seeing how they can come up with the Murano and the 350Z. Granted the Grand Livina is not a hot car, it is built to carry people, still lacks in the looks department. Have to say, the Innova looks better but only slightly. Others beg to differ and see a shadow of the Murano in the Grand Livina.

The Grand Livina has better genes with monocoque construction giving better stiffness and handling. Even many serious 4×4 vehicles now use this modern-ish construction. In line with current designs, suspension is MacPherson strut setup in front and the rear uses a torsion beam. Because it is built on a car platform, the handling of the Grand Livina is sharp and  stable. Over rough roads, the suspension soaks up the bumps well.

Interior space. That is why people buy cars like the Innova or the Livina, is the Innova’s key point. Unlike the Innova, although the Livina is a 7 seater, once it is set-up such, boot space is becomes paltry. The dimensions of the Livina puts it between the Avanza and the Innova. It just means is it a little unfair to compare the two when it comes to space but the auto industry is not about being fair. It is about who can capture more market share. And it is something Nissan has done well. Having said that, the third row although tight, can accommodate an adult if it is not a long journey.

Grand Livina side

Like the original Kijang in Indonesia, the Grand Livina became a best selling MPV there. A plus for the Grand Livina is the seats fold down fairly flat. In case you can’t find a motel, it can fit 2 for an night. Beats sleeping on a park bench.

Grand Livina rear open

Powered by either HR16DE or MR18DE, these are the current crop of engines that powers many Nissan. Fuel efficient with good low end torque is the hallmark of these power plants.

Weighing between 1,220 kg and 1,230 kg. The Grand Livina is average for a 7 seater car.

According to Nissan’s website, the power figures are
Max. Power (kW/rpm) 77@5,200 93@5,200
Max. Torque (Nm/rpm) 150@4,400 174@4,800
Overall Length (mm) 4420
Overall Width (mm) 1690
Overall Height (mm) 1590
Wheelbase (mm) 2600

Current reports from owners indicate the fuel consumption is average to good, which is to be expected for a car this size with what I think is a slightly underpowered engine in case you want some excitement. Check out the video, a Livina can be driven enthusiastically. A 2 liter engine would be just nice. However, a recent light footed contest yielded surprising fuel economy but this would be almost impossible to achieve in real life considering some contestants went to extreme measures to get it; air conditioner off, highway driving only, constant speeds and whatever else they did!

The Grand Livina driving position is comparatively low for a MPV. It is more car like can MPV like. So for those who like the higher viewing position will be disappointed. The 1.8 liter model with higher power output is more fun to drive compared to the 1.6 liter model.

So, there you have it. Choosing between the 2 depends on your needs. If you want a better handling car but carries less stuff, then the Grand Livina is a newer, better choice. For those who only occasionally need to fill the 6th or 7th seat, then it would suffice. The Livina is priced attractively especially when you don’t need that much space all the time.

Grand Livina Seating

The Innova’s price and space formula works well especially when you need to cart 6 to 7 people AND this things for a holiday. It has a rugged robust construction to boot. At the end it’s the Grand Livina just because it is the new kid on the block.


Check this video shootout between the Grand Livina and the Toyota Innova

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22 Responses to Nissan Grand Livina Review

  1. Jimbo says:

    Tested the Livina. Ordered one and waiting for it to arrive. Power is ok if you are not in a hurry. Will say more once I drive it longer

  2. Update – Nissan will be making Grand Livina in Brazil with dual fuel technolody (ethanol or gasoline, or both) .. cool. The two-row MPV Livina will be available with a 1.6-liter, 16 valve engine or a 1.8-liter, 16-valve engine and automatic or manual transmission. The Grand Livina will have a 1.8-liter, 16-valve engine, with a manual or auto transmission, with 3 row of seats.

  3. kobe says:

    just got my nissan grand livina 1.8L. It’s really fun to drive. space is great!

  4. Rikki says:

    Bought our Grand Livina a few days ago. I think its still relatively new to judge it at an equal basis with its competors although based on my experiences to date, its power is like a 2 liter car, and comfort more like a mid upper sedan and lastly interior very close to that of a Lexus! Lets not prejudge the car too soon! You are bound to eat up your own words!

  5. Angelo says:

    Is it true that the parts like the suspension, transmission, etc. of the Grand Livina for the South East Asian market is made in china and assembled in Indonesia, and the only thing that came from Japan is the Engine? I need answers because i’m choosing between the 1.8liter Grand Livina or the 1.8liter Honda Civic. I know that both cars should not be compared but they are within my budget range so i’m considering in getting one of these.

  6. Mike TheMekanic says:

    Not sure about the parts Angelo. As long as the parts are well made, I don’t think it matters where they come from. If the parts are not well made, it doesn’t matter where they come from as well.

  7. Joven says:

    I’d like to address this question to owners of grand livina: I’m buying a grand livina anytime now, question is- is it true that the coolness of its aircon hardly reaches the last (third) row seat?

  8. dogears says:

    It’s over a year old now but I am still loving my Grand Livina. It’s ‘only’ a 1.8li engine but it’s very agile. Even when fully loaded, it has no problem w/ the pull and going up on an incline. Money well spent.

  9. Dante says:

    I’m going to buy a Grand Livina, in a rating of 1- 5, with 5 as the highest, could you give me some inputs in terms of its performance as follows?:

    power -
    speed -
    space -
    comfort -
    fuel economy -
    stability (performance of suspension in rough roads/humps) -
    maintenance -

    thank you in advance!

  10. Mike TheMekanic says:

    Hello Dante, thanks for stopping by this website. I don’t think it would be possible to rate the points you have since different people have different needs. For some 120 bhp is good enough, for other twice that amount is minimum! I was young before too!

    What I can say is that maintenance cost will be reasonable, coming from Nissan. For the rest of your criteria, if you intend to load up your Grand Livina, I suggest you bring your family along and ask them if they are comfortable when you go for a test drive. That way, you can have a good idea of power, stability, economy etc

  11. Jigsaw says:

    One website rates the Nissan Grand Livina 4 out of 5 stars. (visit

    I really want to buy one, that’s why it led me to this site looking for some reviews regarding this car. Thanks Mike for the well-written review.

  12. sTannY says:

    I think. The. Best. Way to. MaKe over grAnd livina is To retire the second. Row. Left seAT , n enjoY the unthinkable sPace. Don’t forget to add Arm rest for the first row, And. Head rest for the thrid row . Enjoy n be Proud a bit.

  13. mail says:

    I just got my GL 1.8 Fully Impul. Space great, power short highly satisfied

  14. Mike TheMekanic says:

    Glad that all of you are satisfied with the your new Grand Livina

  15. Bill says:

    hi guys , got the 1.6 livina n luv de space n comfort but i find it 2 be a dud wen it comes 2 power . any suggestions

  16. Jeff Sibara says:

    Hi Mike, thanks for this detail and thorough review. I really enjoyed it so much. I am going to buy new Nissaan GL in the near future. Your post really help me much in some “grey area” about this car.

  17. cesar evangelista says:

    im planning to buy a m.v.p question is which one is better regarding performance, fuel economy, space, aircon….grand livina or chey orlando???

  18. Dunia Info says:

    thank you, this so benefit for me, nice share guys.

  19. Kid says:

    i am a family guy with 2 boys and 1 coming soon. Planning to buy a MPV. Grand Livina Autech is one of my choice based on my budget. any advise?
    1.Fuel consumption

  20. Natasja says:

    I have a Nissan grand livina. Firstly the car needs an extra gear, 5 is not enough secondly my car is very unstable on the road especially in windy weather, according to Nissan it is normal, not to me, thirdly the aircon is not go right through to the back, in fact my daughter was sitting at the back and we had the aircon on, we had to stop the car due to heat exhaustion. My daughter was really sick. So no in my opinion I won’t ever buy a grand livina again not even any Nissan

  21. Picolo says:

    I tested the Nissan Grand Livina and was totally surprised with this car. Te car feels so nimble and powerful, the height is good, size is just enough since we are four in the family plus need an extra space when we visit in-laws on weekends carrying extra gifts/luggage. I’m replacing my To$&ta In&$&va now since it is already 5 years in service (I enjoyed it also with some reservations of course – No car is perfect and fit for all purposes) so I guess coming from that brand…I can personally and comfortly say that GL seems a lot better. We have the 1.8 liter here with automatic tranny. This is something my family would enjoy for the longest time. A real value for money.

  22. John says:

    Test this car and its feels so good.

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