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Are Slow Cheap EV The Way Forward?

Car makers are trying to make and sell electric vehicles EV that function like a normal gas or diesel car in terms of range and speed. The buyers are off course vary of several short comings of EV. First, the … Continue reading

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Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Every year, a list of most fuel efficient cars are published. It used to excite me as well. Why? Saving money is good. Saving money while being able to enjoy the freedom of travel is what it is all about. … Continue reading

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Electric Scooters For Adults

With gas prices trending higher and the era of cheap gas seems like a distant dream, it may be time to consider an alternate way of transportation. Cars are cool but not when it cost you more to fill them … Continue reading

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Driveway Reflectors

Driveway reflectors are really useful for your home if you want to make sure that you don’t bump into things at night after a tiring day at work. You might think that installing such reflectors may seem a bit too … Continue reading

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